Because I Like It!
-simply because I like it-
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Colin Staples Life Art; Acrylic 2013 Painting “Floating in Colour” - →

One of Michelle’s favorite artists Duma Bawa - sophisticated, creative, fashion forward. - →

Benedicte Gele; Pastel, Drawing “Alerte V” #art #beauty #beautiful #like #love #nice #pretty #horse … - →

Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, 2013, Drawing “blue bird” - →

Dreya Novak; Watercolor, 2013, Painting “Rooster” - →

A simple, adorable sketch like this on a canvas pre-painted a color that is in the room’s color pale… - →

ArtSlant - Giraffe Eating Artistic beautiful Art sketch drawing painting giraffe animals animal art … -

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